Call for Papers

Rapid technological, economic and political changes throughout the world has changed the course of the unstable relationship between religion and society. These changes deeply influence societies’ sense of religion and the equivalents of religion in social life. In addition to this, the role of religion and the social/political effects of religious groups has become topics of interest for researchers. Social scientists who aim to understand these transformations examine the social manifestations of “religion”.

For this reason, a meeting platform is needed in order to bring together sociologists of religion and researchers working in this field, share studies with different scientific methods, create an opportunity for younger generations to get acquainted with experienced scholars and discuss the problems of the field. As a modest contribution to this need, we invite all it may concern to the II. International Symposium on Sociology of Religion, which will be hosted by Ankara University Faculty of Theology and Aksaray University in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara between 22-24 October 2020.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Kirman