Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of papers an author can submit?

An author can participate with maximum two papers regardless if he/she is lead author or co-author and a paper can have maximum three authors.

 Will the accepted papers be published in full text?
The papers that have been accepted will be handed out to the participants as part of the book of abstracts (ISBN) at the first day of the symposium. For those participants giving permission, the full texts of their papers will be published as electronic book (ISBN) on December 1 2020 (not compulsory).

Can I publish my paper by using other means?
Participants can publish their papers in other ways – like publishing as an article in any journal or book chapter.

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How and when can I have the letter of invitation?
The invitation letter will be sent after you register.

Should I get a visa for Turkey?
To learn whether you need a visa to enter Turkey, you should consult Turkish Embassy or consulates in your country.